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The churches in Tigray and Axum are a real marvel and are certainly not to be missed. If you can go to see them, go.
Tigray Churches Tours, Ethiopia
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Tigray churches

Visiting the Rock Hewn Churches of Northern Tigray and Axum will be definitely one of the highlights of your trip.

2 Days Tour

The churches in Tigray and Axum are a real marvel and are certainly not to be missed. If you can go to see them, go.

Mekelle – Hawzien

Early morning at 7 30 Drive from Mekelle to Hawzen via wukro. It takes 2 hours until the last arrival place called Megab. You will see three churches among the churches found in the Geralta Mountains. Geralta Churches are found to south east of Hawzein. It has spectacular and sprit full churches. The landscape is very tremendous beauty and eye catching structures. The rock hewn churches found on the Geralta Mountains. Abune Yimata, Mariam Korkor and Daniel churches. The churches are made of stones but doesn’t have exterior decoration structure. But they has a wonderful structures and architectural designs inside their walls and ceilings. They look like as strived by astute handmade and creates an overwhelming feelings. The layout of each church is built on the places difficult to imagine how they constructed it. This place has a lot of different churches but the most visited and interesting churches are Maryam Korkor, Abune Yimata and Daniel churches. These 3 churches are the biggest of all the churches found in Geralta Mountains.
Debre Mariam Korkor this church is a rock hewn church among the biggest churches found in Geralta Mountains. This found on the south west of Hawzien town close to Megab village. This church is 6.14m*9.4m wide in its interior design and has 6 big pillars decorated by different paintings with three aisles and five bays deep to the sanctuary entrance. The paintings are very amazing and gives a different sprit by the messages they carry. After climbing this church you will see over 100km distance landscape views and panoramic view of the Hawzien plain is draws unforgotten memory.
Daniel churches found on the east of Mariam Korkor and has a wonderful arctecteral layouts and beautiful paintings. When we visit this church we have to walk along a big precipice (cliff) about one and half meters crossing by a little bit difficulties following the local guides.
Abune Yimata church this church is built by the name of Abune Yimata saints that came on the 4th century among the 9 saints. This place is found 5km west from the village Megab and its construct among big Rocky Mountains and has some difficulties to climb them. For the climbing it needs help from the local peoples. It has 5m vertical ascents and you can’t use anything without your hand grips in the face of the rocks to help laying and force climbing. There is no ropes without foot holding and forcing to give you power upwards and onwards. This church has a spectacular arctectural designs and a wonderful spiritual paintings painted before 500 years ago in its interior design.
You have a wonderful time in all the churches. Lunch and all the meals is considered on provided time close to the churches. And overnight at Geralta Lodge or Vision Hotel.

Visit Abuna Yemata Guh, Maryam Korkor and Daniel Korkor churches

After breakfast you start driving to Axum visiting the rest of the churches found on the way. Petros we Paulos, Medihani Alem Adi Kesho, Mikael Amba and Debre Damo monastery. These churches are the most wonderful and recommended to see among the Tigray churches found on the way to Axum. They are found on hills and cliffs difficult to climb. Some of the churches has robes to climb the others are needs hand grips and foot holds with local peoples help to climb them. But they are very spectacular on their exterior and interior designs.
Debre Damo Monastry
Debro Damo monastery is found on the eastern part of Tigray region and it is 172km far from the capital of the region Mekelle. It is surrounded by cliff mountains (Imba Table Mountains) and found 600m by 180m at its widest part. It has 1000m by 500m at its apogee. It is a natural fortress, with 50m high cliffs lining most of the perimeter except for a short portion of the north east end which provides the only point of access to the mountain monastery. It is allowed only for men, female visitors can’t provide to climb to the monastery. Males can climb by the 15 meter plaited leather rope, the “Jende” which is hanging down from the top of the cliff. The cliff is the symbol of the legendary story which saint (Abune Aregawi) climbed by the help of serpent which commands to do so by god to the cliff of the mountain. We can provide this to our male visitors to do such a climbing activities by tying your waist with additional rope provided by the church and climb up the rough cliff. We can drive to this place via Adwa and via Adigrat.
You will spend about 5 hours on the 3 churches including with breaks and lunch considerations. And overnight Axum in Yared Zema Hotel or Sabiyan Hotel.


Early morning after breakfast you will visit the Ethiopian ancient city Axum. You visit the historic monuments, majestic stelae, the place where the ark of covenant found and the grave caves and historic books of the Axumite kingdom was on the 4th – 7th centuries. After you watch all the breathtaking historical attractions of the city, you will proceed to the market to see the people’s culture and to watch the souvenirs made by the local peoples. You meet with peoples and feel the experience and creates an overwhelming memory. Lunch and tea times are considered depending on the service provided. And after watch all those extraordinary locations and wonderful moments you will fly back to Addis.

Other Services We Provide

Car with driver and fuel allowances
Airport shuttle
Entrance fee for each churches and guide with local guides

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